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My Book: Back to the Roots


The book presents an insight into football development and every aspect of it is comprehensively covered with a special focus on grassroots football. Back to the Roots illustrates in detail the player development process, underlining and envisaging key aspects required for the successful and sustainable player development pathway. It highlights the importance of football in schools and training academies for young talent. The author, being associated with the game and its development for many years, presents a roadmap for making football an integral part of the school education system.


With an emphasis on the role of leadership in football development for bringing in a change or developing the game from every aspect, this book is a must read for everyone involved with the beautiful game – be it budding players, administrators, fans, policy makers, parents, coaches as well as young and old enthusiasts of the game. Lack of infrastructure and talent are a distressing combination that confronts those wanting to help India improve its football image. Shaji Prabhakaran is one such official dedicated to make things work. His offering, in the shape of a path-breaking work on football in India, painstakingly presents the harsh realities of the game’s future and suggests remedies too… Back to the Roots is Prabhakaran’s hard work and experience excellently translated into a guide for those associated with the game in India. He details the roadmap to make football a major game in India. – Vijay Lokapally, The Hindu

Back to the Roots: A Definitive Guide… by Shaji Prabhakaran (