The world of football will never be a standstill and will continue to evolve and develop through multiple initiatives across the globe
For the game to grow, the know how for football development has to reach a few more millions across a number of uncharted territories in world football with the right spirit and a meticulously executed plan. The initiative to educate the masses on every aspect of football will only lead to better development in football. There should not be any stoned unturned to educate, empower and add value to every element of football around the world. Football is a common language for nearly half of the world’s population. Therefore every effort should be made to make the game the best and the biggest medium towards unifying the entire world into one! The book Back To The Roots presents an insight into football development and every aspect of it is comprehensively covered with a special focus on grassroots football. Back To The Roots illustrates in detail the player development process, underlining and envisaging key aspects required for the successful and sustainable player development pathway. It highlights the importance of football in schools and training academies for young talent. The author being associated with game and its development for many years presents a road map for making football and integral part of school education system. With an emphasis on the role of leadership in football development for bringing in a change or developing the game from every aspect, this book is a must a read for everyone involved with the beautiful game- be it budding players, administrators, fans, policy makers, parents, coaches as well as young an old enthusiasts of the game.   My book Back To The Roots is now available on Amazon:  

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